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Below you will find a list of services we offer at Bellezza Cristali's. Please note prices may vary depending on your natural hair texture, length, density, products used and your stylist. All prices are a starting out point and are subject to change. All services include a wash and blow dry unless otherwise stated.

*Please note that we have multiple level stylists and that reflects in each stylists starting price. 

Hair Cutting

Women's $72-$97

Men's $47-$72

Childs $42-$77 (8 and under)

*complimentary bang/ neck trims


Root Touchup $92+

All over, same color $152+

Men's color/cut combo $104+ 

Gloss Refresh $77+

Platinum retouch/Gloss $142+

Mini Highlight $117+ 

Partial Highlight $157+

Full Head Highlight $217+

Mini Balayage $132+

Partial Balayage $177+

Full Balayage $237+

Add on treatment $37+-$42+

Additional bowls $37+

Additional Beauty Services


Luxury Blowout $47+

Conditioning treatment & Luxury Blowout $84+

Special Occasion Upstyle $87+ 

     *This service does not include a wash and blowdry. If you would like that please let your stylist know and we would be happy to do at an addition cost. 

Add on Conditioning treatment $37+

Keratin Treatments:

Express $187+

Full Natural $317+

   *Sometimes extra product is needed based on length and density of hair. Each additional ounce is $57


New install 18" $1400-$1800

New install 22" $1800-$2400

Maintenance $207-$407

*New install includes initial install, color matching of extension hair only and a customized haircut. 

*Color refresh of your hair is an added cost and not included in the new install package. 

*Maintenance appointments include a reinstall of the extensions and does not include any refresh of color to your hair or the extensions. 

*Consultation is required and a deposit is required before booking any new install appointments. 

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